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Siemens studioLine brand-new Autumn cashback promotion is now live!

Siemens have launched a brand-new Autumn cashback promotion rewarding customers with up to £2500. Now that’s huge!

Customers can claim up to £2500 cashback when purchasing studioLine appliances as part of a kitchen between 1st October 2020 and 31st January 2021.

To qualify, customers must purchase any combination of two or more studioLine cavity products (Oven or Compacts) as part of their kitchen purchase.

Additional cashback up to a total of £2500 can be claimed on selected studioLine coffee, cooling, hobs and ventilation appliances.

aCool cooling appliances and inductionAir reward the most cashback with £500 per appliance.

For full details get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your appliance options with your new kitchen and how you can take advantage of this fantastic deal from Siemens.

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